Looking for a Church

Finding a new church to go to every Sunday can be hard. There’re qualities to think about when you look for a church community in your town new or old. The following is a list of things to look for, along with questions to ask yourself when picking out a new church.


1. Community It’s important to have a church community for you to grow and experience life with. This is your new home. Be sure that the church you go to is full of welcoming, loving people that want to know you and be with you during your time at school.


2. Commitment Switching churches can be hard and hinder you from having a community, and it’s important to go to the same church for more than one or services so you can know the people. If they have more than one service attend each one. Investing your time into one church ensures you won’t spread yourself thin switching around each week. Consider if you’re okay with committing your Sundays to attending this church.


3. Involvement Your life extremely busy, it’s okay if you don’t do everything. Still, your church will be willing to provide unique opportunities for you. How much do you want to be involved in your church?


4. Worship There are several different ways to worship and connect with God. The church you attend should provide worship in a way that you are comfortable with. Do you like the way that this church worships? Does it help you connect to God in a healthy way?


5. Beliefs There are a lot of different churches in the world and some of them don’t all believe the same things. Ask questions about the church’s beliefs and do your research. Prayerfully consider if they follow the tenets of the Gospel. Make sure you can comfortably agree with their stances.


6. Graceful and Truthful Teachings The teachings you hear should be both filled with truth and grace. This creates the perfect atmosphere for growth. You’ll need that as you go through life. Are the sermons as equally convicting as they are life giving?


7. Evangelistic Aims As Christians, we are all called to the Great Commission. It’s important to be a part of a community that is supportive of that. Is the church aimed towards growth not only from within but for the entire kingdom of God? Do they act with the Great Commission (as outlined in Matthew 28:16-20) in mind?


8. Biblically Based Teachings Think about the source of your church’s teachings. Does the pastor of the church present messages that are based on teachings in the Bible? Do they use scripture as evidence of what they are saying? Be aware of what you’re learning and think critically about their connection to Scripture.


9. Clear Gospel Message Churches are susceptible to temptation, just like the people that dwell in it. This can lead them to stray from the root of the Christian faith, the Gospel. The church you go to should always have a consistent and clear Gospel message. Ultimately, a church movement is nothing without the Gospel.


10. Traditions Finally, different churches have different traditions. This is an example of how people connect to God differently. Make sure you consider the purpose of any traditions you encounter at church. Does this church have traditions that make you uncomfortable? Are there certain traditions from your past that you want to continue?

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