Let me tell you, make sure you read it all the way to the end. I am glad I did and was blessed when it came to an end. Important: Read it only if you have time for God. One day Satan and Jesus were talking. Satan just went to the Garden of Eden and he was messing and laughing, saying: Yes sir. Just took a world full of people out there. I set them up, used bait, I knew they could not resist. They are all down! What are you going to do with them? Jesus asked. Ah I am going to have fun with them. Satan replied. I will teach them how to marry And divorce, how to hate and abuse each other, drink drink drink drink and smoke and of course I will teach them how to invent guns and bombs to destroy each other. I am really going to have fun! And what will you do when you get tired of them? Jesus asked him. Ah, I will kill them. Satan said with a look full of hate and pride. How much do you want for them? Jesus asked. Ah, you do not like those people. They are not good. Why would you want to take them? You take them and they hate you. They will spit in your face curse you and kill you. You do not like those people!! How much? Jesus asked again. Satan looked at Jesus and answered sarcastically: All your blood, tears, and your life. Jesus said, done! And that is how he paid the price. NOTE: I wonder how easy it is to disrespect God and then wonder why the world is going to hell. Funny how someone can say "I believe in God" and follow Satan. Interestingly, you send thousands of messages with jokes via email that water like gunpowder, but when you start messaging referring to the Lord, do people think twice before sharing them? Funny how people can be more concerned what others think of them than what God thinks.


10 things God did not ask you:

1-God will not ask you what model car you used; he will ask you how many people you have taken.

2-God will not ask you square meters of your house; he will ask you how many people you got in it.

3-God will not ask you for a clothing brand in your closet; he will ask you how many you helped dress up.

4-God will not ask you how high your salary was; he will asked if you earned it clean.

5-God will not ask you what your title was; he will ask you if you did your job with the best of your ability.

6-God will not ask you how many friends you had; he will ask you how many people considered you as his friend.

7-God will not ask you which area you lived in; he will ask you how you treated your neighbors.

8-God will not ask you about the color of your skin; He will ask you about the purity of your interior.

9-God will not ask you why it took so long to seek salvation; He will take you with love to his home in heaven, not to the gates of hell.

10-God will not ask you how many people you have shared this message; he will simply ask you if you were embarrassed to do so.... Jesus Christ said, " If you deny me before friends, I will deny you before my Father. Today is the day to bless you, I bless you, I bless your heart, your life, your home, your family, your projects, and your dreams, in Jesus name - Amen.

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